1/     A Cameo Web is just a small static web donated by a contributor (you?) that is embedded in my site for FREE. All Cameo Webs together will form an exclusive collection that I am hoping will prove to be interesting, helpful and of high quality content presented in a unique fashion. The theme will be ADVENTURE, with interesting exceptions accepted. Cape Town has been nominated as the "World Design Capital for 2014" and I would like to push that a bit. So if you are interested in contributing (or just interested!) email me at captainm@captainm.co.za

2/     A Cameo Web contains the standard components of a small static web:

      *Your Cameo Web site folder, total size with all content <1Mb.

      *.index landing page, the "Home Page" of your Cameo Web.

      *Images folder containing all image files. All photos and graphics must be web-ready, 72px/inch.

      *A single image (your logo or whatever) to be used as a link hot-spot in the my Cameo Central page: Width-335px, Height-70px, 72px/inch.

      *CSS styles in the page headers or a separate CSS file.

      *Extra pages.

      *Links to:
           a/    Captain Morgan's Home Page < www.captainm.co.za >
           b/    Cameo Central Page < www.captainm.co.za/Cameo_Webs >
           c/    Back links to the contributor's pages. It is an "Intro" page generating publicityfor you so the more back links the better!

3/     The Contributor either constructs his Cameo Web himself or out-sources it to a third party. My expertise is not quite up to scratch for that job!

4/     The Cameo Web remains the property of the Contributor but is on loan to me to put into my site. All intellectual property shown in my site remains the property and responsibility of the Contributor.

5/     Cameo Webs may be removed by me or the Contributor at any time. The Cameo Web may be edited occasionally. I will update my site with the edits.

6/     It is FREE for the first 50 Cameo Webs!

Question: Why should you give me a Cameo Web?

1/ It will increase your exposure. My site < Captain Morgan's Home Page > is in the TOP PAGE of Google and Yahoo search results!! Neat! Let us keep it there.
2/ You will get increased traffic from back-links.
3/ It will be an interesting marketing project, even if it is on a small scale.
4/ It will generate hits and interest from other Cameo Web Contributors, a sort of Cameo Club. Each Contributor will no doubt check out all other Cameo Webs!
5/ It will be a fun project and FREE for the first 50 Cameo Webs!

Glyn Morgan


Email:        captainm@captainm.co.za
Web:         captainm.co.za  (no need for the "www" bit)
Google:      Captain Morgan's Home Page
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