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This web site is fifteen years old, yes 15 YEARS! I took my first lunge at making a web after an epic voyage around Cape Horn on a big, fat oily-rag of a bulk carrier. We had a braai (South African barbecue) in mid-winter going the "wrong" way around Cape Horn, Atlantic to Pacific, wind was SW Force 4 (numerous white caps, choppy) and temp +5 deg C, prime braai weather for The Horn! I got hold of Dreamweaver and rejuvenated the dusty old site! Dreamweaver is designermite! Had to wake my brain to use it.

Check my new invention! A World First! Cameo Webs are like old fashioned "my favourites" links expanded into full-sized "intro pages". Cape Town, South Africa has been nominated as the "Design Captal of the World for 2014". WoW! We have an amazing amount of design talent in Cape Town and also the rest of South Africa that is not being used to any where near it's full extent. These designers are good! And hungry! These designers will be featured in my Cameo Webs!

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